Dederich, Grace

Time period/Baraboo: xxxx  – 1979
Submitted by: Joan McArthur

A mother. Raised seven successful children. While raising her family she completed college courses updating her teaching certificate.

A teacher. When the youngest tow was school ager, she returned to teaching, her first love. She was a well known Baraboo area rural school teacher for many years. After a brain tumor surgery interrupted her classroom career in the 1950s, she became a much sought-after tutor for Baraboo area school children until her death in 1979. A Montessori teaching method pioneer, she taught her grandson to read and write at age 3. Always proud of her profession, she was an active member of Sauk County’s Retired Teachers Association.

An artist. A fine china porcelain painter in her early years, later in life she began working with pastels and oil paints.

An author. Her Wisconsin stories were included in UW Extension’s “Yarns of Yester Year” books. She wrote articles for Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association while husband Ted was the active association secretary. Grace also completed a yet to be published autobiography

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